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  Welcome to Frank’s Weld Works, welding since the Great Recession (2008). We weld left handed, right handed, left to right, right to left, uphill, downhill, gloves on, gloves off, stinger in one hand, chicken wing on the other hand, torch in one hand, beef jerky on the other hand. We weld when is sunny, we weld when it snows, we weld when is cloudy, but when is raining we think about it twice and call our wives for confirmation, that’s why they live longer.

Okay let’s get serious.  Frank’s Weld Works can move your project through the fabrication process smoothly and efficiently. Big job or Small jobs, we are fast and reliable.We are professional, competitive, and competent in our service. AWS Certified, bonded and insured.  Frank Alvarado Owner/Operator (423) 200-6164 

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  Frank Alvarado Owner/Operator (423) 200-6164

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 Welding: Architectural Steel Welding (AWS) Stainless and Aluminum Welding (AWS) Custom Fabrication for Industry, Residential, Commercial, & Restaurants Weld Repairs   Mobile Welding: We come to you with our expertise if you are not able to come to us.  Welding Outsourcing Service Provider: If your company or construction site is in need of a welder for a day, a week or even months, we can provide you with a reliable and competent welder/fabricator professional. Also if your staff is down and you have to meet deadlines , we have partnered with multiple companies to help with the load. If is welding, drilling holes, installation, we are here to help you meet you deadlines.  Metal Painting: Rust, water corrosion, salt are one of the worst enemies of metal in our region, so we are here to give that metal an uplift and make it last many more years. We paint or re paint : Metal Structures Handrails Metal Steps Metal Roofs Brick, Block and Walls Pressure Washing too  

We service all of East Tennessee

Baneberry Welding, Bybee Welding, Cosby Welding, Chestnut Hill Welding, Dandridge Welding, Del Rio Welding, Flatwoods Welding, Jefferson City Welding, Kodak Welding, Morristown Welding, New Market Welding, Parrotsville Welding, Pigeon Forge Welding, Rutledge Welding, Sevierville Welding, Surgoinsville Welding, Talbott Welding, Douglas Lake Welding, Cherokee Lake Welding